May 14, 2009

GT Popping Forum - Kadavu Fiji

Just came back from Kadavu, fishing on the the Great Astrolobe Reef. A beautiful place with some gts on popper and a few fish on jigs.

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Doggie was probably between 35 to 40kgs. Biggest gt was around 35kg. We were fishing in pretty slack currents, so not ideal for gts. Jigging at the seamount was pretty good. I had my doggie take my hooker jig pretty high up. Was actually reeling up my line when it took.

My wife Jac had a big fish take when she was dropping her 400g nagamasa. She couldnt close the bail arm and we tried all we could to close it but when we did, the line busted off. The fish was just taking alot of line and we couldnt slow it down. Not sure what we could have done to get her started on the fight.

MarkR had a huge bust off on a big gt. The line was unfortunately loosely spooled in by the shop and it dug in and busted off.He lost his lucky craftbait.

We were fishing with Adrian on his boat Bite Me. Great skipper and boat. Matava resort was really nice too - nice food and good bunch of guys, but you might want to bring a portable fan and your insect repellant.

Only the big mouth poppers worked - craftbait, hammerheads, big jim. Surprisingly, big foots and other stickbaits didnt work. They liked red, green or pink poppers.

Jigs were around 300 to 400g in the deeper spots (150m). You could get away with 200 or 250g jigs in the shallower areas. Sevenseas hookers and nagamasas worked for me.

Kadavu Fiji


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