May 4, 2009

April Anglers Pro Shop Popper & Jig Trip

Wish you were here ?
The latest Popper casting and jigging trip aboard Bite Me organised by Anglers Pro Shop just finished today and was a resounding success for all anglers. Over 6 days of fishing, some 50 GTs were caught and released by anglers Randy Chin (APS), Bill and Anto. The first 2 days the weather was a bit ordinary and kept us fishing on the North side of the island. We still managed to catch plenty of GTs to 30kg as well as some nice dogtooth tuna to 35kg. Day four, the action exploded with 16 GTs on the poppers in the morning and 4 dogtooth tuna on the jigs in the afternoon. The largest Dogtooth went 90.6Kg and is a pending All-Tackle Fiji National Record.

Days 5 and 6 were spent racking up the GT numbers as well has having a bunch of fun with a whole host of other by-catch such as Emperors, red and green jobfish, giant grouper (all released) bream and amberjack.


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JDM Tackle
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