Mar 9, 2012

Feb 2012 GT Popping & Jigging Update

 GT Popping

So far this summer the bite has been reasonably good on the calm summer days but relatively quiet on choppy days. With all the January flooding on the main island there is a lot of debris in the water and the GTs are not consistently hunting in the barrier reef breakers. On some days we have been catching more GTs on jigs than on poppers....



Matt from Exmouth Tackle World caught this cracker of a Yellowfin Tuna using his a Daiwa Saltiga and custom popping rod. The fish ate an assist hook rigged stickbait over the Kadavu Seamount.

Depwater Jigging

We are getting the usualy range of species jigging the barrier reef drop-offs. Plenty of Dogtooth Tuna but so far this season, no real monsters to brag about !

 A MONSTER Coral Trout for Aaron from Australia

 Jigged up Grouper for Paul

 Sometimes the GTs go deep and we get quite a few whist jigging for other species

 Big Rosy Jobfish on the Ono Drop-off

 as well as the usual Long Nose Emperors


JDM Tackle

JDM Tackle
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