Jan 26, 2012

GT Popping & Jigging -January 2012 Fishing Report

The 2012 Summer season of GT Popping started with a bit of a damp fizzle. Whether it was the excssive rainfall and freshwater run-off from the island or the often sizable swells and breezy days, the GTs were not especially helpful. Some days we would get a few, some days they would follow lures but not bite, some days they were just invisible. In 8 days of popping and jigging we managed to scrape together about 35 GTs of various sizes, the biggest of which was around 30kg (sorry, didn't get a pic of that one)

Angler Grant from South Africa with an unusual Black coloured GT

Sebile Stickshad in blue chrome
One thing was very clear though, right now the GTs are definitely much more interested in stickbaits than poppers. We did get some action on the Buffalo poppers but the stickbaits were outfishing all the poppers 5 to 1.
Top of the stickbait list - The Sebile stickshad. These lures in various sizes were just dynamite. Also worth a mention were the ASWB Reefs Edge floating Mamool stickbaits, Adhek Goby and Penipen (from Bali), the Bobara and dogtooth (Nomad or Heru) and working wery well, the Jai which our recent anglers sourced fom Elite Tackle. (I only mention that as I have heard nothing but good things about this store.)

Steve from Australia releases another nice GT

Brett from South Africa with a popper caught Mackerel

We caught a number of big Longnose Emperors

The ever present Red Bass

Conditions were often a bit um..challenging....
Our new guide Alex doing a great job...

The Yellowfin are here !!! (and a lot of fun on stickbaits !)

On the jigs we have been catching a nice range of species. No monsters yet but good variety.

Rosy Jobfish

Almaco Jacks

Um.....Dunno....Snapper family ? Help me out here.....


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