Nov 10, 2011

Prime Slot opens up for Anglers

Matava Eco-Adventure Resort was totally fully booked with divers for early January however it has just had a cancellation from the 1st to the 10th January 2012 opening up some accommodation space.
This means that Bite Me Gamefishing Charters now has a slot available for any anglers who might wish to charter Bite Me or Tease Me between the 1-10th January 2012

During our summer season we so some offshore heavy tackle gamefishing but mainly we focus on heavy tackle popping for GTs and deepwater jigging for Dogtooth Tuna.

You might want to hit the Gym before you come...

Joe likes to work out using Doggies....

We get a summer run of yellowfin tuna and the conditions are often ideal to pop for yellowfin

Yellowfin boiling on glassy seas....a typical summer sight

Weather conditions are usually hot, humid and calm, ideal for working outer barrier reef slopes with poppers for huge GTs and deepwater jigging.

If anybody is interested, please drop me a line at


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